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       compass  -  The  compass command line tool will help you create and manage the stylesheets
       for your project.


       compass [options] [project]


       The compass command line tool will help you create and manage  the  stylesheets  for  your

Mode Options (only specify one)

       -i, --install
               Create a new compass project.The default mode when a project is provided.

       -u, --update
               Update the current project.This is the default when no project is provided.

       -w, --watch
               Monitor the current project for changes and update

               Stamp out a pattern into the current project.Must be used with -f.

               Write the current configuration to the configuration file.

               List compass frameworks available to use

               Validate your project's compiled css. Requires Java.

       --grid-img [DIMENSIONS]
               Generate  a  background  image  to  test  grid  alignment.   Dimension is given as
               <column_width>+<gutter_width>.Defaults to 30+10.

Install/Pattern Options:

       -f, --framework FRAMEWORK
               Use the specified framework. Only one may be specified.

       -n, --pattern-name NAME
               The name to use when stamping a pattern.Must be used in combination with  -p  Sets
               the project type to a rails project.

       -?, -h, --help
               Show a usage summary

Configuration Options:

       -c, --config CONFIG_FILE
               Specify the location of the configuration file explicitly.

       --sass-dir SRC_DIR
               The source directory where you keep your sass stylesheets

       --css-dir CSS_DIR
               The target directory where you keep your css stylesheets.

       --images-dir IMAGES_DIR
               The directory where you keep your images.

       --javascripts-dir JS_DIR
               The directory where you keep your javascripts

       -e, --environment ENV
               Use sensible defaults for your current environment.

       -s, --output-style STYLE
               Select a CSS output mode.

               Make compass asset helpers generate relative urls to assets.

General Options:

       -r, --require LIBRARY
               Require the given ruby LIBRARY before running commands

       -q, --quiet
               Quiet mode.

               Dry Run. Tells you what it plans to do.

       --trace Show a full stacktrace on error

       --force Force. Allows some failing commands to succeed instead.

               Emit an imports suitable for passing to the sass command-line.

               Emit the location where compass is installed.

       -?, -h, --help
               Show this message

       -v, --version
               Print version


       This  program  is shipped as part of the libcompass-ruby1.8 library package, you can check
       its corresponding documentation can be found in the libcompass-ruby-doc package.


       This manual page was written by Deepak  Tripathi<>,  based  on  the
       command-line  output  of  this program, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be freely
       used by others).

                                          June 22, 2010                                compass(1)