Provided by: seesat5_0.90.10-1.1_i386 bug


       cr - converts text files between nix EOL and dos EOL


       cr  - | +  <input file> <output file>


       Text  files, such as tle files, that come from a dos source usualy have
       the ^M symbol at the end of every line. Cr converts files  between  the
       dos  newline format and the normal *nix newline format by stripping the
       ^M to convert dos to *nix, using the '-' option, or adding ^M to a *nix
       file to create the proper dos file when the '+' option is used.

       Although  this  extra  character  is not often a problem, programs like
       seesat5, which are data driven will encounter parsing problems when the
       extra character is present. It is these problems that cr is intended to

       - | +  One or the other of these options is required. The '-' option is
              used  to  remove ^M from all newlines found in the dos file. The
              '+' option is used to add ^M to every newline found  in  a  *nix

       input file
              Fully delineated path to the input file. As this program is used
              in the dos environment as well, standard input is not used.

       output file
              Fully delineated path to the output file.  As  this  program  is
              used  in  the  dos  environment  as well, standart output is not


       seesat5(1), seesat5(7), SEESAT5.INI(5), tle(5)


       Cr is not an inteligent program. It  methodicaly  replaces/removes  the
       offending  character  when  it finds it in the correct context. Newline
       sequences  found   in   contexts   other   than   'newline'   will   be
       replaced/removed just like those found in the proper context. Passing a
       binary file through cr is  not  advised,  for  this  reason.  Send  all
       inqueries to Dale Scheetz <>.