Provided by: cvschangelogbuilder_2.4-1_all bug


       cvschangelogbuilder — build cvs ChangeLogs and cvs html reports


       cvschangelogbuilder     -output=outputmode    [-m=module    -d=repository]     [-b=branch]
       [-tagstart=tagname]   [-tagend=tagname]   [-ssh]   [-rlogfile=rlogfile]    [-keeprlogfile]
       [-dir=dirname]      [-viewcvsurl=viewcvsurl]      [-ignore=file/dir]      [-only=file/dir]
       [-includeheader=file]  [-allowindex]  [-debug=x]


       cvschangelogbuilder         generates   advanced   ChangeLog/Report    files    for    CVS


                 Where outputmode is:

                    ·  listdeltabydate  To get a changelog between 2 versions, sorted by date

                    ·  listdeltabylog   To get a changelog between 2 versions, sorted by log

                    ·  listdeltabyfile  To get a changelog between 2 versions, sorted by file

                    ·  listdeltaforrpm  To get a changelog between 2 versions for rpm spec files

                    ·  buildhtmlreport  To build an html report

                 Note that "between 2 versions" means (depends on tagstart/tagend options):

                    ·  from start to a tagged version (version changes included)

                    ·  from a tagged version (excluded) to another tagged version (included)

                    ·  or from a tagged version until now (version changes excluded)

                 You  can  also  add  extra parameters when output=buildhtmlreport by adding them
                 after    a    colon    and    separated    by    a     comma,     like     this:
                 -output=buildhtmlreport:param1,param2  This  is  extra  paremeters available for
                 -output=buildhtmlreport mode:

                    ·  nosummary         To remove summary part

                    ·  nolinesofcode     To remove lines of code part

                    ·  nodevelopers      To remove developers part

                    ·  nodaysofweek      To remove days of week part

                    ·  nohours           To remove hours part

                    ·  notags            To remove tags part

                    ·  nolastlogs        To remove last logs part

                    ·  nolimit           To not limit last logs to last 200

                    ·  sortbyrevision    To sort last logs by revision

                    ·  includediff       To include diff inside report page (very slow)

                    ·  loosecommits      To separate commits for same log by spaces

       -m=module -d=repository
                 The 'module' and 'repository' are the CVS module name and  the  CVS  repository.
                 If  current  directory  is  the root of a CVS project built from a cvs checkout,
                 cvschangelogbuilder will retreive module and repository value automatically.  If
                 no local copy of repository are available or to force other value, use:

                    ·  -m=module           To force value of module name

                    ·  -d=repository       To force value of CVSROOT

                 To work on another branch than the default branch.

                 To specify start tag version.

                 To specify end tag version.

       -ssh      To run CVS through ssh (this set env var CVS_RSH="ssh").

                 If  an  up-to-date  log  file  already exists localy, you can use this option to
                 avoid log download, for a faster result.

                 Once process is finished, you can ask to not remove the downloaded log file.

                 Output is built in directory dirname.

                 File's revisions in  reports  built  by  buildhtmlreport  output  are  links  to
                 "viewcvs". String '__MODULE__' will be replaced by name of CVS module.

                 To exclude a file/dir off report.

                 To have reports only on file/dir that match.

                 To add content of a file after body tag.

                 To allow meta tag index (noindex by default).

       -debug=x  To output on stderr some debug info with level x.


       cvs (1).


       This manual page was written by Adriaan Peeters for the Debian system
       (but may be used by others). It is  based  on  the  help  output  of  cvschangelogbuilder.
       Permission  is  granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of
       the GNU General Public License, Version 2 or any  later  version  published  by  the  Free
       Software  Foundation;  with  no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts and no Back-Cover