Provided by: dans-gdal-scripts_0.18-1.1_amd64 bug


       dans-gdal-scripts - A GDAL add-on set of utilities

       · gdal_contrast_stretch - Contrast stretch and conversion from 16-bit to 8-bit
       · gdal_dem2rgb - Generate hillshaded images from DEMs
       · gdal_raw2geotiff - Convert raw binary files into GeoTIFFs
       · gdal_get_projected_bounds - Project a polygon and return its bounding rectangle
       · gdal_trace_outline - Trace the outline of an image and generate WKT or Shapefile
       · gdal_merge_vrt - Merge individual bands into a single VRT image
       · gdal_merge_simple - Merge individual bands into a single GeoTIFF image (8-bit only)
       · gdal_landsat_pansharp - Pansharpening - works best for Landsat 7 images
       · gdal_wkt_to_mask - Generate a bitmap of the area covered by a polygon
       · gdal_list_corners  -  Prints  raster  geocode  information  in  YAML  format (similar to
         gdalinfo but gives YAML)


       This manual page documents briefly the Dan's GDAL Scripts set of commands.  You can get  a
       synthetic  description  of  accepted options and command line arguments by using -h option
       with every command.  This set of tools is based on the GDAL/OGR library and provides  some
       useful  simple manipulation of geo rasters and satellite data.  Do not buggy GDAL team for
       possible issues with this software, this is a contributed set of programs.


       gdalinfo(1),    gdal_translate(1),     gdal_contour(1),     gdaladdo(1),     gdal_grid(1),
       gdaltransform(1),   gdalmanage(1),   gdal_rasterize(1),   gdaltindex(1),   gdalenhance(1),


       The  dans-gdal-scripts  tools  were  written  by  Dan  Stalke  for  GINA,  the  Geographic
       Information Network of Alaska, a working group of the University of Alaska.
       This  manual  page  was written by Francesco Paolo Lovergine <>, for the
       Debian project (and may be used by others).

                                          March 25, 2009                     DANS-GDAL-SCRIPTS(1)