Provided by: dh-exec_0.2_amd64 bug


       dh-exec-install - Install (and possibly rename) files.


       #! /usr/bin/dh-exec
       debian/default.conf => /etc/my-package/start.conf


       dh-exec-install is a simple program, meant to be used as the interpreter for executable
       debhelper config files, in particular, for dh_install(1) files. It will refuse to work
       with any other file: when used as part of dh-exec, it will echo its input back if the
       input file is not suitable. When ran stand-alone, it will raise an error.

       The purpose of the program is to extend dh_install(1)'s functionality, by allowing to
       specify a destination filename.

       This can be accomplished by a special syntax: the " => " mark between a source and a
       destination means that the source file should be installed with the specified destination

       For obvious reasons, the source must not be a wildcard, and the destination in this case
       must be a file, and not a directory.

       All other non-comment lines are left alone.


       Due to the way executable scripts are called from debhelper(1), there is no way to know
       what options were used for the original dh_install(1). This means, that the --sourcedir
       option of dh_install(1) will not work correctly when dh-exec-install is in use.


       Internally, the renaming happens by creating a temporary directory under debian/tmp/, and
       copying (or moving, if the source was under debian/tmp/ to begin with) the file there,
       with the new name.

       This is done this way to allow dh_install(1) to do the real copying, and allow its options
       to continue working, even when renaming is involved.

       The temporary directory is put under debian/tmp so that it will be cleaned by dh_prep(1)
       when the clean target gets to run. Thus, no extra code is needed anywhere to clean up the
       renamed files.


           Indicates which directory the command-specific helpers should be sought for. If not
           specified, helpers will be searched for in /usr/share/dh-exec/.


           The various helpers for the higher-level program.


       debhelper(1), dh-exec(1), dh_install(1)


       dh-exec-install is copyright © 2011 by Gergely Nagy <>.

                                            2011-12-19                         DH-EXEC-INSTALL(1)