Provided by: yorick-dev_2.2.01+dfsg-2_amd64 bug


       dh_installyorick - install Yorick add-on packages


       dh_installyorick [debhelper options] [-m] [--no-make-install]


       dh_installyorick  is  a debhelper program that installs the files of your Yorick add-on at
       the right place when building a Debian package. For a  simple  plug-in  package,  this  is
       mostly   done   by   calling  "make  DESTDIR=debian/<package>  install"  and  then  moving
       arch-independent files to usr/share. Note that there is no Y_SITE/contrib directory in the
       Debian packages, its content is merged into YSITE/i.

       Calling  "make ... install" can be disabled by using the "--no-make-install" flag. This is
       useful in particular for interpreted add-on packages, which do not ship  with  a  standard
       Yorick Makefile.

       If  the  "-m" flag is used (but not the "-n" one), dh_installyorick will also add lines to
       your package's postinst and postrm  scripts  to  call  "update-yorickdoc  --auto"  if  the
       yorick-doc   package   is   installed.   It  is  necessary  to  call  dh_installdeb  after
       dh_installyorick for this to work.  It  is  usually  not  necessary  with  a  recent  dpkg
       supporting triggers, so this possibility is kept mostly for easing backports and should be
       deprecated soon.

       dh_installyorick will look for a file named debian/<package>.ynstall for additional  files
       to  install  (see YNSTALL FILE below). The prefix "<package>." can be omitted for the main
       binary package being built (usally the first one listed in debian/control).

       For the time being, Y_SITE=Y_HOME=/usr/lib/yorick. Requests to install a file under Y_SITE
       results in its installation under /usr/share/yorick. dh_installyorick handles the creation
       of the necessary symbolic links from Y_HOME to /usr/share/yorick.

       Files that are installed in a directory ending in "/bin" or "/sbin", as well as files that
       are  pointed  at  by  symbolic  link  in  such  a  directory, are installed with execution
       permission for everyone.


       -m  Modify postinst/postrm scripts to add a call to update-yorickdoc. This is needed  only
           if the target dpkg does not support triggers. If both "-m" and "-n" are specified, the
           scripts are not modified.

           Do not call "make DESTDIR=debian/<package> install".

           An additional pkg_mngr .info file to install.

       Additionally,  dh_installyorick  abides  by  the  following  standard  debhelper  options:
       -a/--arch,   -i/--indep,   --mainpackage,  -n,  --no-act,  -N/--no-package,  -p/--package,
       -P/--tmpdir, -s/--same-arch, and -v/--verbose.


       Blank lines are ignored, several blank character are counted as  one,  and  line  starting
       with  "#" (possibly following one or more blanks) are ignored. Each non-comment, non-blank
       line should be of the form:

       file [directory [link]]

       Where file is the file to install, directory the directory it should be installed in,  and
       link an optional symbolic link pointing on the installed file.

           the relative path from the top directory of the package source to the file. If link is
           not specified, file can contain shell globs  and  actually  denote  sevral  files.  If
           directory  is  not  specified,  it is guessed from the extension of file: .i files are
           installed in Y_SITE/i, .gs and .gp in Y_SITE/g,  .info  in  Y_SITE/packages/installed,
           .packinfo, .aliases and .keywords in /usr/share/yorick-doc, and .so in Y_HOME/lib.

           the  full  path  (without leading "/") into which the file should be installed. If the
           file is to be installed inside Yorick's Y_SITE or Y_HOME directory (which will  almost
           alway  be  the case), it is possible (and advisable) to not specify the full path, but
           to write "Y_SITE/" or "Y_HOME" followed by the relative path from there.  It  is  also
           possible  to omit this "Y_SITE/" or "Y_HOME/" prefix if directory starts whith one of:
           Y_SITE/i,  Y_SITE/i0,  Y_SITE/i-start,  Y_SITE/g,   Y_SITE/packages,   Y_HOME/bin   or

           the  full  path  to  a symbolic link that should point to the installed file. The same
           shortcuts apply as for directory.


       The four following lines in debian/ynstall would be equivalent:
       somefile.i /usr/share/yorick/i
       somefile.i Y_SITE/i
       somefile.i i

       Likewise, the following are equivalent:
       somefile.i /usr/share/yorick/i0
       somefile.i Y_SITE/i0
       somefile.i i0

       Example with a symlink. Here, somefile.i is a script that is both  useful  #included  from
       within Yorick or from the command line. Its first line reads "#!/usr/bin/yorick -batch".
       somefile.i i usr/bin/command_name


       debhelper(7), update-yorickdoc(1), deb-triggers(5)

       This  program  is  a part of yorick-dev but is made to work with debhelper. Note that only
       compatibility level 5 has been implemented and tested.  This  script  is  not  idempotent,
       dh_clean -k should be executed between any two runs.


       Thibaut Paumard <>

                                            2008-05-15                        DH_INSTALLYORICK(1)