Provided by: dh-linktree_0.1_all bug


       dh_linktree - create symlink trees to embed files from other packages


       dh_linktree [debhelper options] [-A] [-Xitem] [action source destination ...]


       dh_linktree is a debhelper program that creates symlink trees in package build
       directories. The symlinks points to files provided by other packages and who have to be
       present during build. As such you have to put the packages providing the destination files
       in the build dependencies.

       dh_linktree accepts arguments by set of 3. One action followed by source and destination
       file/directories. Symlinking files works just like dh_link but symlinking directories will
       recreate the same directory hierarchy and all individual files will be turned into

       The source files are the already existing files that will be symlinked from.  The
       destination files are the symlinks that will be created. There must be an equal number of
       source and destination files specified.

       Be sure you do specify the full filename to both the source and destination files (unlike
       you would do if you were using something like ln(1)).

       dh_linktree will generate symlinks that comply with Debian policy - absolute when policy
       says they should be absolute, and relative links with as short a path as possible. It will
       also create any subdirectories it needs to to put the symlinks in.


           Lists source and destination trees to be symlinked. Each line consists of 3 fields:
           the action, the source directory, the destination directory.  should be put on its own
           line, with the source and destination separated by whitespace.


       -Xitem, --exclude=item
           Do not create symlinks for files that contain item anywhere in their filename.

       action source destination ...
           If the action is "embed" create a symlink tree named destination with all files within
           it pointing to the corresponding file in source.

           The "replace" action will not create new files but it will replace existing files in
           the destination directory with symlinks to the corresponding source file.

           The "deduplicate" action is like "replace" except it replaces files only if they have
           exactly the same content.

           The work is done in the package build directory of the first package acted on.


        dh_linktree embed usr/share/javascript/jquery usr/share/wordpress/plugin-jquery

       Make plugin-jquery be a symlink tree to jquery.



       This program is a part of debhelper.


       Raphael Hertzog <> Joey Hess <>