Provided by: debhelper_9.20120115ubuntu3_all bug


       dh_python - calculates Python dependencies and adds postinst and prerm Python scripts


       dh_python [debhelper options] [-n] [-V version] [module dirs ...]


       Note: This program is deprecated. You should use dh_python2 instead.  This program will do
       nothing if debian/pycompat or a Python-Version control file field exists.

       dh_python is a debhelper program that is responsible for generating the ${python:Depends}
       substitutions and adding them to substvars files. It will also add a postinst and a prerm
       script if required.

       The program will look at Python scripts and modules in your package, and will use this
       information to generate a dependency on python, with the current major version, or on
       pythonX.Y if your scripts or modules need a specific python version. The dependency will
       be substituted into your package's control file wherever you place the token

       If some modules need to be byte-compiled at install time, appropriate postinst and prerm
       scripts will be generated. If already byte-compiled modules are found, they are removed.

       If you use this program, your package should build-depend on python.


       module dirs
           If your package installs Python modules in non-standard directories, you can make
           dh_python check those directories by passing their names on the command line. By
           default, it will check /usr/lib/site-python, /usr/lib/$PACKAGE, /usr/share/$PACKAGE,
           /usr/lib/games/$PACKAGE, /usr/share/games/$PACKAGE and

           Note: only /usr/lib/site-python, /usr/lib/python?.?/site-packages and the extra names
           on the command line are searched for binary (.so) modules.

       -V version
           If the .py files your package ships are meant to be used by a specific pythonX.Y
           version, you can use this option to specify the desired version, such as 2.3. Do not
           use if you ship modules in /usr/lib/site-python.

       -n, --noscripts
           Do not modify postinst/prerm scripts.


       Debian policy, version 3.5.7

       Python policy, version 0.3.7



       This program is a part of debhelper.


       Josselin Mouette <>

       most ideas stolen from Brendan O'Dea <>