Provided by: ubuntu-defaults-builder_0.30_all bug


       dh_ubuntu_defaults - build defaults customization package


       dh_ubuntu_defaults [debhelper options]


       ubuntu-defaults-builder allows you to easily create a "default settings" package for
       Ubuntu. The ubuntu-defaults-template script will generate a source package with the
       customizable settings (e. g.  desktop/background.jpg and webbrowser/bookmarks-menu.txt).
       When built and installed, it will take the necessary actions to modify the system-wide
       defaults for desktops, programs, etc.

       The main purpose for this is to provide a standard and safe way to create localized Ubuntu
       images, or OEM custom projects.

       dh_ubuntu_defaults is a debhelper program which implements the main logic of these
       defaults packages by converting the simple configuration files from the defaults source
       package into the configuration file format used by the target applications and desktop
       environments, and adding the corresponding maintainer script code like file diversions.

       It is usually not necessary to know about or deal with this program manually.  The
       intended mode of operation is to call ubuntu-defaults-template to create a skeleton source
       package (which will call dh_ubuntu_defaults), and then customize the example configuration


       ubuntu-defaults-template(1), debhelper(1)


       Martin Pitt <>

       Copyright (C) 2011 Canonical Ltd., licensed under the GNU GPL v3 or later.