Provided by: alliance_5.0-20110203-4_amd64 bug


       dreal - Graphic real layout viewer


       dreal [-l file_name] [-xor] [-debug] [-install] [-force]


       Dreal  is  a hierarchical real layout viewer. All functionnalities can be accessed through
       different menus.  Dreal works under Motif and X11r5.  When entering Dreal, the main window
       appears  and  shows  4 different menus on the top bar.These menus can be entered by simply
       clicking on the mouse left button. Here is the description of these menus.

       File      Open : load an existing cell.
                 Quit : quit dreal.

       View      Zoom : perform zoom in, zoom out, center, fit, refresh on figure.
                 Layer : select types of layers displayed.
                 Map : show cursor position in the entire figure.
                 Arrows : show arrows for moving at the grid step.
                 Grid : Set the X,Y step of the grid if displayed.

       Tools     Flatten : flatten the current figure.
                 Message : display the last error messages.

       Setup     Save or load a user defined configuration of default displayed menus.


              indicates the path to the read only libraries to be used.

              indicates the path to the read directory for the session.

       RDS_IN indicates the file format to be used for the cell.

       DREAL_TECHNO_NAME (optionnal)
              indicates the path to the techno name file used by Dreal.

       RDS_TECHNO_NAME (optionnal)
              indicates the path to the RDS configuration file used by Dreal.


       mbk(1), MBK_CATA_LIB(8), RDS_IN(1), RDS_TECHNO_NAME(1)