Provided by: dvtm_0.6-1_amd64 bug


       dvtm - dynamic virtual terminal manager


       dvtm [-v] [-m mod] [-s status-fifo] [cmd...]


       dvtm  is  a dynamic tiling window manager for the console.  As a console window manager it
       tries to make it easy to work with multiple console based applications.


       -v     prints version information to standard output, then exits.

       -m mod set default modifier at runtime.

       -d escdelay
              set the delay ncurses waits before deciding if a character that might be part of an
              escape sequence is actually part of an escape sequence.

       -h nnn set the scrollback history buffer size at runtime.

       -s status-fifo
              if  status-fifo  is  a named pipe it's content is read and displayed. See the dvtm-
              status script for an usage example.

              Execute cmd after dvtm is started.


   Keyboard commands
       Mod    Each keybinding begins with Mod which defaults to ^g but can be changed in config.h
              or with the -m command line option.

       Mod-c  Create a new shell window.

       Mod-x  Close focused window.

       Mod-l  Increases the master area width about 5% (all except grid and fullscreen layout).

       Mod-h  Decreases the master area width about 5% (all except grid and fullscreen layout).

       Mod-j  Focus next window.

       Mod-k  Focus previous window.

              Focus the nth window.

       Mod-.  Toggle minimization of current window.

       Mod-u  Focus next non minimized window.

       Mod-i  Focus prev non minimized window.

       Mod-m  Maximize current window (change to fullscreen layout).

              Scroll up.

              Scroll down.

              Toggle between defined layouts (affects all windows).

              Zooms/cycles current window to/from master area.

       Mod-t  Change to vertical stack tiling layout.

       Mod-b  Change to bottom stack tiling layout.

       Mod-g  Change to grid layout.

       Mod-s  Shows/hides the status bar.

       Mod-r  Redraw whole screen.

       Mod-G  Escape the next typed key.

       Mod-a  Toggle  keyboard  multiplexing  mode,  if  activated keypresses are sent to all non
              minimized windows.

       Mod-X  Lock screen.

       Mod-B  Toggle bell (off by default).

       Mod-M  Toggle dvtm mouse grabbing.

       Mod-q  Quit dvtm.

   Mouse commands
       Copy and Paste
              By default dvtm  captures  mouse  events  to  provide  the  actions  listed  below.
              Unfortunately this interferes with the standard X copy and paste mechanism. To work
              around this  you  need  to  hold  down  SHIFT  while  selecting  or  pasting  text.
              Alternatively you can disable mouse support at compile time, or use Mod-M to toggle
              mouse support dynamically.

       Button1 click
              Select window.

       Button1 double click
              Select window and toggle maximization.

       Button2 click
              Zooms/cycles current window to/from master area.

       Button3 click
              Toggle minimization of current window.


       See the dvtm-status script as an example.


       dvtm is customized by creating a custom config.h and (re)compiling the source  code.  This
       keeps it fast, secure and simple.


       dvtm is written by Marc Andre Tanner <mat at>

                                             dvtm-0.6                                     DVTM(1)