Provided by: e-uae_0.8.29-WIP4-10_amd64 bug


       uae_readdisk - Tool for reading *.adf (Amiga Disk Format) files


       uae [ -h ] [ -f file ] { -s opt=val }


       This  manual page was produced for uae 0.8.12.  It is only provided for convenience by the
       maintainer of the Debian package of uae. Please  see  /usr/share/doc/uae  for  a  thorough
       description. The following chapters are simply snippets from the upstream README.

Retrieving files from a disk image

       If you have a disk image file, and you want to retrieve the files from it, you can use the
       "readdisk" tool. It is automatically built by "make". If you have a disk image of  a  disk
       called "Workbench1.3D" as df0.adf, and you do
          readdisk  df0.adf  the  whole directory structure of the disk image will be stored in a
       newly created subdirectory called  "Workbench1.3D".  You  can  optionally  give  a  second
       parameter  to  specify  a  directory  where  to  create  the output other than the current
       directory.  readdisk only understands about the OFS right now. FFS disks  will  cheerfully
       be  regarded  as  being  unreadable. Use the unixfs.device from within the emulator if you
       want to transfer files from FFS disks.