Provided by: ekg2-core_0.3.1-1build2_amd64 bug


       ekg2 - opensource IM client for UNIX systems


       ekg2 [OPTIONS] [COMMANDS]


       -u, --user=NAME
              uses profile NAME

       -t, --theme=FILE
              loads theme from FILE

       -n, --no-auto
              does not connect to server automatically

       -m, --no-mouse
              does not load mouse support

       -N, --no-global-config
              ignores global configuration file

       -a, --away[=DESCRIPTION]
              changes status to ``away''

       -b, --back[=DESCRIPTION]
              changes status to ``available''

       -i, --invisible[=DESCR]
              changes status to ``invisible''

       -d, --dnd[=DESCRIPTION]
              changes status to ``do not disturb''

       -f, --free-for-chat[=DESCR] changes status to ``free for chat''

       -x, --xa[=DESCRIPTION]
              changes status to ``very busy''

       -h, --help
              displays this help message

       -v, --version
              displays program version and exits

       Options  concerned  with  status  depend  on  the  protocol  of particular session -- some
       sessions may not support ``do not disturb'' status, etc.


       The  full  documentation  for   ekg2   is   maintained   as   a   Docbook   manual.    See for an online version.