Provided by: euca2ools_2.0.0~bzr516-0ubuntu3_all bug


       euca2ools - Eucalyptus tool:


       euare-servercertlistbypath [options]




       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -p PATH_PREFIX, --path-prefix=PATH_PREFIX
              The path prefix for filtering the results. For

              example:  /company/servercerts would get all server certificates for which the path
              starts with /company/servercerts.   This  parameter  is  optional.  If  it  is  not
              included, it defaults to a slash (/), listing all server certificates.

       -m MARKER, --marker=MARKER
              Use this only when paginating results, and only in a

              subsequent  request  after  you've  received  a  response  where  the  results  are
              truncated. Set it to the value of the Marker  element  in  the  response  you  just

              Use this only when paginating results to indicate the

              maximum  number  of  server  certificates  you  want  in the response. If there are
              additional server certificates beyond the  maximum  you  specify,  the  IsTruncated
              response element will be set to true.

              Standard Options:

       -D, --debug
              Turn on all debugging output

              Enable interactive debugger on error

       -U URL, --url=URL
              Override service URL with value provided

              Name of the region to connect to

       -I ACCESS_KEY_ID, --access-key-id=ACCESS_KEY_ID
              Override access key value

       -S SECRET_KEY, --secret-key=SECRET_KEY
              Override secret key value

              Display version string