Provided by: euca2ools_2.0.0~bzr516-0ubuntu3_all bug


       euca2ools - Eucalyptus tool:


       euare-usercreate [options]




       -h, --help
              show this help message and exit

       -p PATH, --path=PATH
              The  path  for the User name. For more information about paths, see Identifiers for
              IAM Entities in Using AWS  Identity  and  Access  Management.   This  parameter  is
              optional. If it is not included, it defaults to a slash (/).

       -u USER_NAME, --user-name=USER_NAME
              Name of the User to create.

       -g GROUP_NAME, --group-name=GROUP_NAME
              Name of a group you want to add the User to.

       -k, --create-accesskey
              Creates an access key for the User.

       -v, --verbose
              causes the response to include the newly created User's ARN and GUID

              [Eucalyptus  extension]  Process  this  command  as  if  the  administrator  of the
              specified account had run it.  This option is only usable by cloud administrators.

              Standard Options:

       -D, --debug
              Turn on all debugging output

              Enable interactive debugger on error

       -U URL, --url=URL
              Override service URL with value provided

              Name of the region to connect to

       -I ACCESS_KEY_ID, --access-key-id=ACCESS_KEY_ID
              Override access key value

       -S SECRET_KEY, --secret-key=SECRET_KEY
              Override secret key value

              Display version string