Provided by: eukleides_1.5.4-1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       eukleides - Eukleides interpreter to PostScript


       eukleides [OPTION...] FILE


       Eukleides  is  a  computer language devoted to elementary plane geometry.  It aims to be a
       fairly comprehensive system to create geometric figures, either  static  or  dynamic.   It
       allows to handle geometric types of data like points, vectors, lines, circles, or conics.

       The  eukleides program is useful to convert Eukleides scripts into Encapsulated PostScript
       files.  It may also interpret scripts using interactive variables to multi-page PostScript
       documents   which  can  later  be  transformed  into  animated  GIFs  using  for  instance
       ImageMagick's convert(1).


       -l, --locale[=LANG]
              Use localized keywords.  With no argument given, the current locale is set  to  the
              value  of  the  LANG environment variable.  Otherwise LANG has to be a valid locale
              identifier, e.g. 'fr_FR' or 'fr_FR.utf8', depending on the default  charmap.   This
              feature may be disabled.

       -o, --output[=OUTPUTFILE]
              Set  an  output  file  name.   With  no argument given, the output stream is set to
              standard output.

       -#, --interactive=STRING
              Modify interactive variables.

       -a, --animate=STRING
              Animate interactive script.

       -b, --batchmode[=DATAFILE]
              Don't stop for input.  If given, use DATAFILE instead of standard input.

       -v, --version
              Print version number and exit.

       -h, --help
              Print immediate help and exit.


       Christian Obrecht <obrecht at eukleides dot org>.


       Eukleides info pages for full documentation.
       euktopst(1), euktoeps(1), euktotex(1), euktopdf(1).