Provided by: ezstream_0.5.6~dfsg-1_amd64 bug


     ezstream-file — script to stream files from the command line


     ezstream-file [-hnqVv] [-T cfg_template] [file ...]


     The ezstream-file script uses an ezstream configuration file template to stream a list of
     files given on the command line, or via standard input.  In other words, filenames are
     written to a temporary playlist, and a template-based configuration is generated to stream

     The path to a configuration template must be provided, either by using the -T command line
     argument, or the EZSTREAM_TEMPLATE environment variable.

     The configuration template must be a valid playlist configuration, and contain the follwing
     configuration statement:


     If no input files are specified, the list of files to be streamed are read from standard

     Lastly, the EZSTREAM environment variable allows to specify an alternate ezstream binary.

   Command line parameters
     -h      Print a summary of available command line parameters with short descriptions and

     -n      (Passed to ezstream.)  Normalize metadata strings by removing excess whitespaces.

     -q      (Passed to ezstream.)  Be more quiet.  Suppress the output that external programs
             send to standard error.

     -T cfg_template
             Use the configuration in cfg_template, overriding the default set in the
             EZSTREAM_TEMPLATE environment variable.

     -V      Print the ezstream-file version number and exit.

     -v      (Passed to ezstream.)  Produce more verbose output from ezstream.  Use twice for
             even more verbose output.


     /usr/share/doc/ezstream/examples  Directory containing example configuration files for
                                       various uses of ezstream, as well as example playlist and
                                       metadata scripts.




     The ezstream-file script and this manual were written by Moritz Grimm <>.