Provided by: fai-client_3.4.8ubuntu2_all bug


       fai-debconf - set debconf values using classes


       fai-debconf [OPTION] DIRECTORY


       fai-debconf  reads  files  in DIRECTORY which are also a defined class. If the name of the
       class is a directory, all files in this directory are read. The files must have the format
       of  debconf-get-selections(1).   All this input is used to call debconf-set-selections(1).
       This is done in the chroot environment, if the variable $ROOTCMD is set. After setting the
       debconf values, dpkg-reconfigure(8) is called for every package which is installed and for
       which some debconf data was set.


       -h     Show help, version and summary of options.

       -s     Skip reconfiguration of packages. Only set values in debconf database.

       -v     Create verbose output.

       -f     Run dpkg-reconfigure for all packages FAI has information on, not  only  for  those
              whose database entries were modified.


       debconf-get-selections(1), debconf-set-selections(1), dpkg-reconfigure(8)

       This  program  is  part  of  FAI  (Fully  Automatic  Installation).  The  FAI  homepage is


       Written by Thomas Lange <>