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       faldissass - The Falcon disassembler


       faldissass [options] module_file.fam


       The  faldissass  command line tool disassembles a compiled .fam Falcon module.  The output
       human-readable Falcon Virtual Machine assembly is sent to the standard output.

       The tool has mainly two  working  modes.  The  standard  mode  procues  an  assembly  dump
       containing the PC counter address that will be associated with each instruction in the VM.
       This allows to see exactly on which VM instruction an error was raised (as the PC at error
       raisal is always shown in error dumps), or to debug the VM by following the PC register in
       step-by-step mode.

       The isomorphic mode creates a compilable assembly source that can the  be  feed  into  the
       falcon  assembler  to  obtain a compiled module. In example, this can be used for VM level
       hand-made finetuning optimizations.


       -d     Dump the dependency table (list of load directives).

       -h     Show version and a short help.

       -i     Create an isomorphic version of the original assembly.

       -l     add line informations.

       -s     Dump the string table.

       -S     Write the strings inline instead of using #strid

       -y     Dump the symbol table.


              Default location of the Falcon Engine loadable module.


       Giancarlo Niccolai <>


       falcon(1) falrun(1)


       This document is released under the "GNU Free Documentation  License,  version  1.2".   On
       Debian  systems,  the complete text of the Free Documentation License, version 1.2, can be
       found in /usr/share/common-licenses/.