Provided by: firebird2.5-server-common_2.5.1.26351.ds4-2build1_amd64 bug


       fbguard - start and restart firebid server


       fbguard -forever [option...]  (default)
       fbguard -onetime [option...]


       fbguard is the Firebird guardian. It starts Firebird super- or superclassic server and
       restarts it in case it crashes.


           Keep restarting the Firebird server forever. This is the default if no command is

           The opposite of -forever. Doesn't restart the Firebird server if it crashes.


           Detach from the controlling terminal.

       -pidfile filename
           Write the PID of thee started firebird server to the specified file.

           Ignore startup errors. Combining this with -forever can lead to endless loop in case
           there is some problem that prevents the Firebird server from starting.


       Copyright (C) Damyan Ivanov, 2009.

       This manpage was written by Damyan Ivanov for the Debian project but may be used by
       others. Permission is granted to use this document, with or without modifications,
       provided that this notice is retained. If we meet some day, and you think this stuff is
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