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       fdiscboot - Bootstrapped discrete sites algorithm


       fdiscboot -infile discretestates [-mixfile properties] [-ancfile properties]
                 [-weights properties] [-factorfile properties] -test list -regular toggle
                 -fracsample float -morphseqtype list -blocksize integer -reps integer
                 -justweights list -seed integer -outfile outfile -outancfile outfile
                 -outmixfile outfile -outfactfile outfile [-printdata boolean] -dotdiff boolean
                 [-progress boolean]

       fdiscboot -help


       fdiscboot is a command line program from EMBOSS (“the European Molecular Biology Open
       Software Suite”). It is part of the "Phylogeny:Molecular sequence" command group(s).


   Input section
       -infile discretestates

       -mixfile properties

       -ancfile properties

       -weights properties
           Weights file

       -factorfile properties

   Additional section
       -test list
           Default value: b

       -regular toggle
           Default value: N

       -fracsample float
           Default value: 100.0

       -morphseqtype list
           Default value: p

       -blocksize integer
           Default value: 1

       -reps integer
           Default value: 100

       -justweights list
           Default value: d

       -seed integer
           Default value: 1

   Output section
       -outfile outfile

       -outancfile outfile

       -outmixfile outfile

       -outfactfile outfile

       -printdata boolean
           Default value: N

       -dotdiff boolean
           Default value: Y

       -progress boolean
           Default value: Y


       Bugs can be reported to the Debian Bug Tracking system (, or
       directly to the EMBOSS developers


       fdiscboot is fully documented via the tfm(1) system.


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           Wrote the script used to autogenerate this manual page.


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       It can be redistributed under the same terms as EMBOSS itself.