Provided by: feynmf_1.08-7_all bug


       feynmf - Process LaTeX files using FeynMF


       feynmf [-hvqncfT] [-t tfm [-t tfm ...]] [-m mode]
              file [file ...]

       feynmf [--help] [--version] [--quiet] [--noexec] [--clean]
              [--force] [--notfm] [--tfm tfm [--tfm tfm ...]]
              [--mode mode] file [file ...]


       The most complicated part of using the FeynMF style appears to be the proper invocation of
       Metafont.  The feynmf script provides a convenient front end and will automagically invoke
       Metafont with the proper mode and magnification.  It will also avoid cluttering system
       font directories and offers an option to clean them.


       -h, --help
           Print a short help text.

       -v, --version
           Print the version of feynmf.

       -q, --quiet
           Don't echo the commands being executed.

       -n, --noexec
           Don't execute LaTeX or Metafont.

       -c, --clean
           Offer to delete font files that have accidentally been placed in a system directory by
           the MakeTeXTFM and MakeTeXPK scripts (these scripts are run by tex (and latex) in the
           background).  This option has only been tested with recent versions of UNIX TeX.

       -f, --force
           Don't ask any questions.

       -T, --notfm
           Don't try to prepare fake ".tfm" files for the first run.

       -t, --tfm tfm
           Don't try guess the names of the ".tfm" files to fake for the first run and use the
           given name(s) instead.  This option can be useful if our incomplete parsing of the
           LaTeX input files fails.

       -m mode, --mode mode
           Select the METAFONT mode mode.  The default is guessed or "localfont" if the guess

           Main LaTeX input files.

       file ...
           Other LaTeX input files that are included by the main file.


       Thorsten Ohl <>


       The preparation of ".tfm" files is not foolproof yet, because we can parse TeX files only

       This script has only been tested for recent teTeX distributions of UNIX TeX, though it
       will probably work with other versions of UNIX TeX.  The author will be grateful for
       portability suggestions, even concerning Borg operating systems, for the benefit of those
       users that are forced to live with DOS or Windows.