Provided by: fim_0.3-beta-prerelease-1.3_amd64 bug


       fimgs  -  poor  man's  [http://]PostScript/pdf/dvi/cbr/rar/cbz/zip  viewer  for  the linux
       framebuffer console


       fimgs [ options ] file


       fimgs is a simple wrapper script which takes a PostScript or pdf or .cbr or .rar  or  .cbz
       or  .zip  or  .dvi  or  any of the above prefixed with http:// as input, renders the pages
       using ghostscript into a temporarely directory and finally calls fbi to display them.   In
       case  of  compressed  archives (in zip or rar formats), the images are decompressed into a
       directory and displayed.  In this latter case, only images contained in the  archive  will
       be displayed (no nested archives or pdf's or ps's or dvi's).


       fimgs  still  does  not understand all of fim's options (they are not passed through).  so
       please use fimgs -h to get help on its options.

       You can use option -p <password> if your PDF file requires password.


       fim(1), gs(1), fbi(1), fbgs(1), bash(1)


       Michele Martone <dezperado _ GUESS _>.

                                  (c) 2007-2009 Michele Martone                          fimgs(1)