Provided by: floatbg_1.0-28_amd64 bug


       floatbg - slowly modify the color of the X root window


       floatbg  [-display  display]  [-help]  [-gnome]  [-xfce]  [-value  float]  [-satmid float]
       [-satvar float] [-fase float] [-time float]


       Floatbg is an X11 program that modifies the color of the root window in such a manner that
       you  won't  see  the  color  change,  but  after a while you'll notice that it did change,

       Floatbg starts with a random color and changes it deterministically by moving  through  an
       hsv-model  of  colors.   In  the  hsv-model, colors are described by three parameters: Hue
       stands for the tint of a color (0 degrees is  red,  60  =  yellow,  120  =  green,  180  =
       aquamarine,  etc),  saturations  stands  for  the  brightness of the color (0 = white, 1 =
       bright), and value stands for the intensity of the color (0 = black, 1 = normal).

       Every 10 seconds the hue (tint) is increased by one degree and the saturation (brightness)
       is  changed  by  a sinus over the hue.  (The frequency of this change can be adjusted with
       the -time parameter.)  The shape of this sinus can be adapted with  the  options  -satmid,
       -satvar  and -fase.  The value (blackness) is fixed and can be set with the option -value.
       The default values are: floatbg -value .87 -satmid .375 -satvar .125 -fase  .25,  and  are
       such that all pastel tints are visited.

       Extremely  simplistic  Gnome  and  Xfce  support  can be enabled with the -gnome and -xfce


       Floatbg doesn't use any window, button or menu, and it can only be stopped by killing it.


       Jan Rekers -