Provided by: gnash-tools_0.8.10-5ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       flvdumper - Gnash FLash Video File Dumper


       flvdumper (options)... (file)...


       Dump information about .flv files.

       When  a  SWF  player,  including  Gnash,  plays a SWF "movie", the movie can contain video
       files.  Flvdumper prints these files, which are comprised of an  H.263  variant  or  H.254
       video bit stream.

       More  information  about  Flash  Video  is available at the Wikipedia Flash Video article:

       -h     Print usage info.

       -m     Print only meta tags (default).

       -a     Print all the tags.

                                          22 March 2012                              flvdumper(1)