Provided by: fossology-common_1.2.0-3.1ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       fo_notify - Display upload job status.  Optionally send email.


       fo_notify [-e email-address] [-h] [-j <job-name>] [-n user-name]  -u <upload-id>  -w


       fo_notify is a dual purpose command. The main purpose of fo_notify is to act as the email
       notification agent when email notificiation is turned on for a user account in the
       Graphical User Interface. The status of the job is sent in email and is reported as
       aborted, failed, still active or done based on the job queue data-base entries for that
       upload.  The command can also be run as a cli to report the status of the upload or send
       email about it's status.

       The command simply queues the email on the system.  The command assumes that email has
       been configured properly on the system.

       -e email-address
           Supply an optional email address to send the results to.  If this option is given,
           then no output to the terminal will be supplied.  The results are queued in the mail
           subsystem using the specified address.  Minimal checking is done on the email address
           format, make sure it's correct.

       -h  Standard help flag, prints usage.

       -j <job-name>
           Optional job name.  Using this option will change the name of the job in the message.
           The job name supplied will be used instead of the name that was used for the upload at
           upload time.

       -n <user-name>
           Supply a different user name for the message.  This simply changes the name of the
           addressee in the message that is sent via email.  If no email is being sent, this
           option has no effect. NOTE, this is not the email address.

           For example, if the user login is goofy, but the user wants to address the message to
           the real name of the person.  Using the above example, without -n <user-name> would
           mean that the message starts with Dear goofy, ..... using -n 'Mr. Natural' would
           change the message to say Dear Mr. Natural,.....

       -u <upload-id>
           The upload id to report on.  Use fossjobs to find the upload id or the UI.

       -w fqdn-web-server
           The fully qualified domain name (fqdn) of the webserver.  This is required for
           formatting of the email message and running in CLI mode.  For example,
 , or

       Display the job status for upload 99.

       fo_notify -u 99 -w ''

       would report the status of upload 99.

       Send email instead of reporting on the command line.

       fo_notify -e -u 99 -w ''

       Would queue email to with the results for upload 99.


       Mark Donohoe