Provided by: fookb-plainx_3.0-3ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       fookb-plainx - Xkb state indicator without Window Maker support


       fookb-plainx [options]


       fookb  is  a  Xkb state indicator. It displays the icon corresponding to the number of Xkb
       locked  group.  You  may  use  mouse-clicks  to  change  Xkb  locked  group  with   mouse.
       Additionally, fookb can be configured to execute a program on changing group.

       fookb man page is based on man page. Program was written from scratch.

       To  use  fookb  with the Window Maker Dock, simply drag the fookb icon to the Window Maker
       Dock (if fookb was compiled with Window Maker support).


       NB! Command line parameters take precedence over config file or X resources!







CONFIGURATION FILE (for libWUtil-enabled version)

       The configuration file consist of a single PropList dictionary, which in turn is  composed
       of several PropList key-value pairs. The recognized keys is:

       Icon1 Filename (mandatory)
              XPM file contains an icon (48x48) for 1st XKB group.

       Icon2 Filename (mandatory)
              XPM file contains an icon (48x48) for 2nd XKB group.

       Icon3 Filename (mandatory)
              XPM file contains an icon (48x48) for 3rd XKB group.

       Icon4 Filename (mandatory)
              XPM file contains an icon (48x48) for 4th XKB group.

       IconBoom Filename (mandatory)
              XPM file contains an icon (48x48) for "broken Xkb". Please look in BUGS section.

       Sound (Yes|No)
              fookb  will  run command from "Command" value (see below), if this parameter is set
              to "Yes". You'll receive  (non-fatal)  error  message  if  this  parameter  is  not
              defined. In any other case command will not be run.

       Command command_to_run
              This  command  will  be  run  if  XKB locked group is changed and "Sound" is set to

X resources

       NB! Parameters in PropList config file take precedence over X resources!

       fookb.icon1 Filename

       fookb.icon2 Filename

       fookb.icon3 Filename

       fookb.icon4 Filename

       fookb.iconBoom Filename

       fookb.sound Yes/No

       fookb.command Command


       Here is an example of configuration file.

         Icon1 = "/usr/local/share/fookb/icon1.xpm";
         Icon2 = "/usr/local/share/fookb/icon2.xpm";
         Icon3 = "/usr/local/share/fookb/icon3.xpm";
         Icon4 = "/usr/local/share/fookb/icon4.xpm";
         IconBoom = "/usr/local/share/fookb/crash.xpm";
         Sound = "Yes";
         Command = "/usr/bin/play /usr/local/share/fookb/";

       Here is an example of app-defaults file.

       fookb.icon1: /usr/local/share/fookb/icon1.xpm
       fookb.icon2: /usr/local/share/fookb/icon2.xpm
       fookb.icon3: /usr/local/share/fookb/icon3.xpm
       fookb.icon4: /usr/local/share/fookb/icon4.xpm
       fookb.iconBoom: /usr/local/share/fookb/crash.xpm
       fookb.sound: Yes
       fookb.command: /home/bgates/bin/playmssound


              fookb defaults (for Window Maker enabled version).

              fookb defaults (for Window Maker disabled version).


       Sometimes fookb receives message about changing XKB group,  but  does
       not  point  to  any existing XKB group. In this case fookb will show IconBoom (from config
       file) picture.

       As far as I know the only way to look at this bug is to run vmware.


       This man page is [hopefully] up-to-date for version 3.0 of fookb.


       fookb is (c) 1998-2002 Alexey Vyskubov <>.

       This manpage was written by Alexey Vyskubov <>.