Provided by: fp-utils-2.4.4_2.4.4-3.1_amd64 bug


       fpcmake - The Free Pascal makefile constructor program.


       fpcmake [-Ttarget] [-pwhrqvV] [filename [filename [filename]]]


       fpcmake  reads  a  Makefile.fpc  and converts it to a Makefile suitable for reading by GNU
       make to compile your projects. It is similar in functionality to GNU autoconf or Imake for
       making X projects.


       fpcmake  accepts  filenames  of makefile description files as it's command-line arguments.
       For each of these files it will create a Makefile in the same directory where the file  is
       located, overwriting any existing file with the same name.

       If  no  options  are  given, it just attempts to read the file Makefile.fpc in the current
       directory and tries to construct a Makefile from it.   any  previously  existing  Makefile
       will be erased. See fpcmake(5) for a description of the format of the Makefile.fpc file.


       fpcmake has a small number of options to control it's behaviour:

       -h     Emit a short help text describing the use of fpcmake

       -p     If  this  option  is  given,  a  package description file is generated as well as a

       -q     Tells fpcmake to be more quiet, i.e. emit less messages.

       -r     If  this  option  is  given,  fpcmake  will  recursively  scan  subdirectories  for
              makefile.fpc files and generate makefiles for them.

       -T     Specifies  the  targets  for which fpcmake should generate makefiles. This can be a
              comma-separated list of  target  systems,  or  the  special  identifier  all  which
              indicates that a makefile should be generated for all supported platforms.

       -v     This option instructs fpcmake to be more verbose.

       -V     Print fpcmake version and exit.

       -w     This is the standard option and tells fpcmake to generate a makefile.


              fpcmake(5) ppc386(1) make(1)