Provided by: fpdns_0.9.3-3_all bug


       fpdns - DNS server fingeprinting tool


       fpdns [ -c ] [ -d ] [ -f ] [ -F nchild ]
          [ -p port ] [ -Q srcaddr ] [ -r retry ]
          [ -s ]  [ -S separator ] [ -t timeout ] [ -v ] [server(s)]


       fpdns is a program that remotely determines DNS server versions.  It does this by sending
       a series of borderline DNS queries which are compared against a table of responses and
       server versions.

       False positives or incorrect versions may be reported when trying to identify a set of
       servers residing behind a load-balancing apparatus where the servers are of different
       implementations, when a specific implementation behaves like a forwarder, behind a
       firewall without statefull inspection or without Application Intelligence.


       -c   Where appropriate check CH TXT version. Off by default.

       -d   Enable debugging. Off by default.

       -D   Check all authoritative servers of the specified domain name.

       -f   Force checking of CH TXT version. Off by default.

       -F nchild
            Maximum number of forked child processes. Defaults to 10.

       -p port
            Port to query remote nameserver on. Default is 53.

       -Q srcaddr
            Set the source IP address to use.

       -r retry
            Number of attempt to retry fingerprints. Defaults to 1.

       -s   Short display form. Useful for surveys.

       -S   Separator. Defaults to " ".

       -t timeout
            Set the query timeout in seconds. Defaults to 5.

       -T   Use TCP instead of UDP.

       -v   Show version of fpdns.

            IP address or name to query. Alternatively may be '-' to read from a list of these
            from stdin


       fpdns was written by Roy Arends and Jakob Schlyter.


       perl(1), Net::DNS(1)