Provided by: openafs-client_1.6.1-1_amd64 bug


       fs_getcacheparms - Displays the current size and usage of the cache


       fs getcacheparms [-help] [-files] [-excessive]

       fs getca [-h] [-files] [-excessive]


       The fs getcacheparms command displays the current size of the cache (which can be in
       memory or on disk), and the amount currently in use.

       The reported statistics are from kernel memory, so the reported size can differ from the
       setting specified in the /etc/openafs/cacheinfo file on a machine using a disk cache, if
       the fs setcachesize command has been used to alter cache size.


           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.

           Displays the current number of cache files in use, and the maximum available, as well
           as displaying the current cache size.

           Displays detailed cache statistics, including the flags set on each cache element, and
           the distribution of cache entries by size.


       The output reports

          AFS using <amount> of the cache's available <size> 1K byte blocks.

       where <amount> is the number of kilobyte blocks currently used to cache data and status
       information, and <size> is the total current cache size.


       The following example shows the output on a machine with a 25000 kilobyte cache.

          % fs getcacheparms
          AFS using 22876 of the cache's available 25000 1K byte blocks.

       The following shows the output when asked to show file information.

          % fs getcacheparm -files
          AFS using     0% of cache blocks (897 of 200000 1k blocks)
                        1% of the cache files (79 of 6250 files)

       And finally, the following detailed information can be obtained by using the excessive

          % fs getcacheparm -excessive
          AFS using     0% of cache blocks (897 of 200000 1k blocks)
                        1% of the cache files (79 of 6250 files)
                  afs_cacheFiles:       6250
                  IFFree:               6171
                  IFEverUsed:             79
                  IFDataMod:               0
                  IFDirtyPages:            0
                  IFAnyPages:              0
                  IFDiscarded:             1
                  DCentries:        3122
                   0k-   4K:         74
                   4k-  16k:       3045
                  16k-  64k:          2
                  64k- 256k:          0
                 256k-   1M:          1
                       >=1M:          0






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