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       fs_newcell - Changes the kernel-resident list of a cell's database


       fs newcell -name <cell name> -servers <primary servers>+
           [-linkedcell <linked cell name>] [-help]

       fs n -n <cell name> -s <primary servers>+
           [-l <linked cell name>] [-h]


       The fs newcell command removes the Cache Manager's kernel-resident list
       of database server machines for the cell specified by the -name
       argument and replaces it with the database server machines named by the
       -servers argument.

       Each time the machine reboots, the Cache Manager constructs the kernel
       list of cells and database server machines by reading the local
       /etc/openafs/CellServDB file. This command does not change the
       CellServDB file, so any changes made with it persist only until the
       next reboot, unless the issuer also edits the file. The output of the
       fs listcells command reflects changes made with this command, because
       that command consults the kernel-resident list rather than the
       CellServDB file.

       This command can introduce a completely new cell into the kernel-
       resident list, but cannot make a cell inaccessible (it is not possible
       to remove a cell's entry from the kernel-resident list by providing no
       values for the -server argument). To make a cell inaccessible, remove
       its entry from the CellServDB file and reboot the machine.

       If the -name argument names a DCE cell, then the -servers argument
       names DFS Fileset Location (FL) Server machines. The -linkedcell
       argument specifies the name of the AFS cell to link to a DCE cell for
       the purpose of DFS fileset location.


       Some commands, such as the aklog or klog.krb5 commands, work correctly
       only when the information is accurate for a cell in both the CellServDB
       file and the kernel-resident list.


       -name <cell name>
           Specifies the fully-qualified cell name of the AFS or DCE cell.

       -servers <primary servers>+
           Specifies the fully-qualified hostnames of all AFS database server
           machines or DFS Fileset Location (FL) Server machines for the cell
           named by the -name argument. If FL Server machines are specified,
           the local machine must be running the AFS/DFS Migration Toolkit
           Protocol Translator.

       -linkedcell <linked cell name>
           Specifies the name of the AFS cell to link to a DCE cell for the
           purpose of DFS fileset location.

           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options
           are ignored.


       The following example changes the machine's kernel-resident list of
       database server machines for the ABC Corporation cell to include the
       machines "" and "":

          % fs newcell -name -servers

       The following example links the DCE cell "" to the AFS cell
       "". The AFS client contacts the Fileset Location (FL) servers
       "" and "" for fileset location
       information as it interprets a DFS pathname.

          % fs newcell -name \
              -servers \


       The issuer must be logged in as the local superuser root.


       CellServDB(5), fs_listcells(1)


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