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       fs_setquota - Sets the quota for the volume containing a file or directory


       fs setquota [-path <dir/file path>]
           -max <max quota in kbytes> [-help]

       fs setq [-p <dir/file path>] -m <max quota> [-h]

       fs sq [-p <dir/file path>] -m <max quota> [-h]


       The fs setquota command sets the quota (maximum possible size) of the read/write volume
       that contains the directory or file named by the -path argument.

       To set the quota on multiple volumes at the same time, use the fs setvol command.

       To display a volume's quota, use the fs examine, fs listquota, or fs quota command.


       Currently, the maximum size of a volume is 2 terabytes (2^31 bytes).


       -path <dir/file path>
           Names the directory or file for which to set the host volume's quota. Partial
           pathnames are interpreted relative to the current working directory, which is also the
           default value if this argument is omitted.

           Specify the read/write path to the file or directory, to avoid the failure that
           results from attempting to change a read-only volume. By convention, the read/write
           path is indicated by placing a period before the cell name at the pathname's second
           level (for example, /afs/ For further discussion of the concept of
           read/write and read-only paths through the filespace, see the fs mkmount reference

       -max <max quota>
           Sets the maximum amount of file server disk space the volume can occupy.  The quota
           value should be a positive integer followed by an optional suffix: "K" for kibibytes
           (1024 bytes, the default), "M" for mebibytes (1024 kibibytes), "G" for gibibytes (1024
           mebibytes), and "T" for tebibytes (1024 gibibytes).  A value of 0 sets an unlimited
           quota, but the size of the disk partition that houses the volume places an absolute
           limit on the volume's size.

           If the -path argument is omitted (to set the quota of the volume housing the current
           working directory), the -max switch must be included with this argument.

           Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored.


       The following command imposes a maximum quota of 3000 kilobytes on the volume that houses
       the /afs/ directory:

          % fs setquota -path /afs/ -max 3000


       The issuer must belong to the system:administrators group.


       fs_examine(1), fs_listquota(1), fs_quota(1), fs_mkmount(1), fs_setvol(1)


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