Provided by: s3ql_1.9-1_amd64 bug


       fsck.s3ql - Check an S3QL file system for errors


       fsck.s3ql [options] <storage url>


       S3QL is a file system for online data storage. Before using S3QL, make sure to consult the
       full documentation (rather than just  the  man  pages  which  only  briefly  document  the
       available userspace commands).

       The  mkfs.s3ql command checks the new file system in the location specified by storage url
       for errors and attempts to repair any problems. The storage url  depends  on  the  backend
       that is used. The S3QL User's Guide should be consulted for a description of the available


       The mkfs.s3ql command accepts the following options.

          --log <target>
                 Write logging info into this file. File will be rotated when it  reaches  1  MB,
                 and  at  most  5  old  log  files will be kept. Specify none to disable logging.
                 Default: ~/.s3ql/fsck.log

          --cachedir <path>
                 Store cached data in this directory (default: ~/.s3ql)

          --authfile <path>
                 Read authentication credentials from this file (default: ~/.s3ql/authinfo2)

          --debug <module>
                 activate debugging output from <module>. Use all to get debug messages from  all
                 modules. This option can be specified multiple times.

                 be really quiet

                 just print program version and exit

                 If user input is required, exit without prompting.

                 Force checking even if file system is marked clean.


       mkfs.s3ql returns exit code 0 if the operation succeeded and 1 if some error occured.


       The S3QL homepage is at

       The   full  S3QL  documentation  should  also  be  installed  somewhere  on  your  system,
       conventional locations are /usr/share/doc/s3ql or /usr/local/doc/s3ql.


       2008-2011, Nikolaus Rath