Provided by: g15composer_3.2-2_amd64 bug


       g15composer - Scriptable command interface to libg15render(3) drawing functions


       G15composer  is  a scriptable command interface to the libg15render drawing functions that
       outputs to a g15daemon screen.  G15composer  exposes  all  graphics  primitives  and  text
       rendering  functions  of libg15render so that they may be used in a variety of situations,
       including from the command line or in virtually any scripting language.


       G15composer understands the following options:

       -h   Show usage information.

       -b   Start without a display to listen for new screen commands.

       -u username
              Change effective UID to that of username

       -g gid
              Change effective GID to gid

       -r   Reuse /var/run/g15composer if another g15composer instance is listening there.


       nohup ./g15composer /path/to/pipe &

       1) echo 'TL "Hello" "World"' > /path/to/pipe

       2) cat instructions > /path/to/pipe

       3) ./some_script > /path/to/pipe
          where some_script is a bash, Perl, etc. script or application which outputs
          one or more of the commands listed below.


       *** Text Commands:

       Ts "line 1" "line 2" ...
          where s is the size of the font (S, M and L are supported).
          To insert a double-quote, prefix it with a backslash

       TO X Y S F "line 1" "line 2" ...
          Overlays text of the given size at (X,Y)
          Text will be centered if F=1 and right justified if F=2

       *** Font Command: (NB., g15composer must be  configured  with  --enable-ttf  to  use  font

       FL F S "/path/to/font"
          Loads a font into Face Slot F with size S.

       FP F S X Y Co Ce "line 1" "line 2" ...
          Prints text using the font is Slot F with size S at position (X,Y).
          Text will be printed in color Co and will be centered if Ce=1.

       *** Pixel Commands:

       PO X Y W H "100101101..."
          Overlays a pixel image of the given Width and Height at (X,Y)
          The  last  argument  must  now  be  passed  as  a quoted string.  This is a change from
       previous behavior.

       PS X Y C
          Sets the pixel at (X,Y) to color C (0 or 1)

       PC 0|1
          Clears the screen and fills it with 0|1

       PF X1 Y1 X2 Y2 C
          Fills the area from (X1,Y1) to (X2,Y2) with color C

       PR X1 Y1 X2 Y2
          Reverses the pixels from (X1,Y1) to (X2,Y2)

       PB X1 Y1 X2 Y2 C T F
          Draws a box from (X1,Y1) to (X2,Y2) using color C and thickness T, filling if F=1
          T, and F are optional, but if specified must be specified in order, i.e., you must  set
       T to set F
          Defaults are T=1, and F=0

       *** Drawing Commands:

       DL X1 Y1 X2 Y2 C
          Draws a line from (X1,Y1) to (X2,Y2) using color C

       DC X Y R C F
          Draws a circle centered at (X,Y) with radius R using color C, filling if F=1
          F is optional and defaults to F=0
          Note that the syntax has changed, the position of C and F has been swapped

       DR X1 Y1 X2 Y2 C F
          Draws a rounded box from (X1,Y1) to (X2,Y2) using color C, filling if F=1
          F is optional and defaults to F=0
          Note that the syntax has changed, the position of C and F has been swapped

       DB X1 Y1 X2 Y2 C N M T
          Draws a percentage or progress bar from (X1,Y1) to (X2,Y2) using color C
          The bar will be filled with N units out of M
          T sets the type of the bar, valid values are 1, 2, or 3
          T is optional and defaults to T=1

       DN X1 Y1 X2 Y2 C N
          Draws a big number N in the area bounded by (X1,Y2) and (X2,Y2) using color C

       DI B X Y
          Draws a WBMP icon from buffer B at (X,Y)

       DS B X Y W H OX OY
          Draws a WBMP sprite from buffer B at (X,Y) with size WxH
          Sprite is drawn from buffer offset by (OX,OY)

       *** WBMP Commands:

       WS "/path/to/image"
          Loads a WBMP image from /path/to/image and displays it on the screen
          Image must be 160x43 as it is loaded directly into the LCD buffer

       WL B "/path/to/image"
          Loads a WBMP image from /path/to/image into buffer number B

       *** Mode Commands:

       MC 0|1
          Turns caching off or on, i.e. the changes are not immediately sent to the
          LCD if caching is on (MC 1). Changes will be sent on the next MC 0.

       MX 0|1
          Sets succeeding pixel colors to normal, or XORed with existing pixels.
          Good for drawing sprites with MC:
             MC 1, draw, MC 0
             MC 1, redraw in original position and draw elsewhere, MC 0

          Old   New   Current   Redraw
           0     0     0^0 = 0   0^0 = 0
           0     1     0^1 = 1   1^1 = 0
           1     0     1^0 = 1   1^0 = 1
           1     1     1^1 = 0   0^1 = 1

       MR 0|1
          Set succeeding pixel colors to normal, or reversed

       MP 0|1|2
          Set screen to foreground if 0 and background if 1
          If 2, set screen to background if and only if user hasn't set it to foreground

       *** Screen Commands:

       SN "/path/to/pipe"
          Create a new G15Comopser instance reading from /path/to/pipe

          Close the current screen.  Closing the initial screen will close all other screens


       The following commands are relayed to g15daemon:

       *** LCD Commands:

       LB 0|1|2
          Sets the LCD brightness level

       LC 0|1|2
          Sets the LCD contrast level

       *** Keyboard/LED Commands:

       KL 0|1|2
          Sets LED mode: 0=app-controlled 1=normal 2=sticky.
          Not currently implemented.

       KM x 0|1
          Sets the Mx-light off or on. x=0,1,2,3 where 0 is all M-lights (minus MR).
          Only has an effect if KL is set to 0.


       Anthony J. Mirabella <>


       g15daemon(1), libg15(3), libg15render(3)