Provided by: gatos_0.0.5-19ubuntu1_i386 bug


       gatos.conf - Configuration file of the GATOS package.


       The  Gatos  library  use a configuration file called gatos.conf for its
       initialization.  It can be found at /etc/gatos.conf.

       They are some keywords described below:

        videoram <value>
              Specify the FULL amount of video RAM on your card, value  is  in
              kilobytes.   This  is optional, as Gatos will autodetect this if
              it is not present.

        buffermem <value>
              Specify the amount of video RAM you've reserved for  GATOS  (see
              also  XF86Config.sample), value is in kilobytes.  This parameter
              is NOT optional.

        format <format>
              Specify the format used in your area.  This is optional as Gatos
              will autodetect this if it is not present.

              For formats available, see below:
                1   NTSC-M         : US and many others
                2   NTSC-Japan     : Japan
                3   PAL-B          : Many (Europe)
                3   PAL-D          : China
                3   PAL-G          : Many (Europe)
                3   PAL-H          : Belgium
                3   PAL-I          : Great Britain and others
                4   PAL-M          : Brazil (NTSC-like PAL format)
                5   PAL-N          : Paraguay, Uruguay
                6   SECAM          : East Europe, France, Middle East
                7   PAL-Ncomb      : Argentina

        i2c_mode <mode>
              Specify  the I2C mode if automatic detection fails. This keyword
              is commented by default and should only be used if  Gatos  fails
              to initialize.

              For modes available, see below:
                1   : Register type A: DAC_CNTL+GEN_TEST_CNTL Registers
                2   : Register type B: GP_IO Register
                3   : Rage PRO interface (I2C_CNTL_{0,1} registers)
                4   : Register type LG: GP_IO Register
                5   : MPP/ImpacTV interface


       gatos,  gatos-conf,  atitv,  atisplit,  atitogif,  atitojpg,  atitoppm,
       xatitv, yuvsum, scanpci.


       Refer to the gatos manual page.

                                 20 Dec 1999                     gatos.conf(1)