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       gbsplay - Gameboy sound player


       gbsplay [options] gbs-file [start-subsong [stop-subsong] ]


       gbsplay  emulates  the  sound  hardware of the Nintendo Gameboy.  It is
       able to play the sounds from a Gameboy module dump (.GBS  format)  over


       -E endian
              Set  endian  to  endian.   Valid  values are b, l and n for big,
              little and native endian respectively.

       -f fadeout-time
              Set fadeout time to subsong-gap seconds.  Instead of cutting  of
              the  subsong  hard,  do  a  soft  fadeout.   Default  value is 3

       -g subsong-gap
              Set subsong gap to subsong-gap seconds.  Before playing the next
              subsong  after  the subsong timeout, play subsong-gap seconds of
              silence.  Default value is 2 seconds.

       -h     Display short help and exit.

       -l     Enable loop mode.  When the last  subsong  is  played,  playback
              starts again with the first subsong.  Default is no loop.

       -o plugin
              Select   sound   output   plugin  plugin.   Default  depends  on
              compilation  options.   Select  list  to  view  a  list  of  all
              available output plugins.

       -q     Be  quieter,  reduce  verbosity.  Can be applied multiple times.
              Default verbosity is 3.

       -r samplerate
              Set the samplerate to samplerate Hz.  Default value is 44100Hz.

       -R refresh-delay
              Set the refresh delay to  refresh-delay  milliseconds.   Default
              value  is  33 milliseconds.  Larger values will lower CPU usage,
              but things as subsong changes, fadeouts, reactions to keypresses
              and the on-screen display will be delayed.

       -t subsong-timeout
              Set  subsong timeout to subsong-timeout seconds.  When a subsong
              has been played for the given time, the player will skip to  the
              next subsong.  A timeout of 0 seconds disables automatic subsong
              changes.  Default value is 120 seconds.

       -T silence-timeout
              Set silence timeout to silence-timeout seconds.  When a  subsong
              contains silence for the given time, the player will skip to the
              next subsong.  Default value is 2 seconds.

       -v     Increase verbosity, print  more  information.   Can  be  applied
              multiple times.  Default verbosity is 3.

       -V     Display version number and exit.

       -z     Play  subsongs  in  shuffle  mode.  Every subsong will be played
              once in random order.

       -Z     Play subsongs in random mode.  Like shuffle mode, but a  subsong
              can be played multiple times.

       -1     Mute channel 1 on start.

       -2     Mute channel 2 on start.

       -3     Mute channel 3 on start.

       -4     Mute channel 4 on start.


              The sound file to play.  Must be in uncompressed .GBS format.

              The  subsong from the sound file to play.  If not specified, the
              default song will be played (unless in shuffle or random  mode).
              An out-of-bounds number will be clipped to the possible range of

              gbsplay stops  when  this  subsong  has  been  played.   If  not
              specified  or  out-of-bound, gbsplay will stop after playing the
              last subsong.


       gbsplay supports basic keyboard control.  The  following  commands  are

       p      Skip to the previous subsong.

       n      Skip to the next subsong.

       q or Esc
              Quit gbsplay.

       Space  Toggle play/pause.

       1      Mute/unmute channel 1.

       2      Mute/unmute channel 2.

       3      Mute/unmute channel 3.

       4      Mute/unmute channel 4.


              Default location of the global configuration file.

              User configuration file.


       gbsinfo(1), gbsplayrc(5)


       If     you     encounter     bugs,     please     report    them    via or write to <>.


       gbsplay was written  by  Tobias  Diedrich  <>
       (with contributions from others, see README).


       gbsplay is licensed under GNU GPL.