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       gc-analyze - Analyze Garbage Collector (GC) memory dumps


       gc-analyze [OPTION] ... [file]


       gc-analyze prints an analysis of a GC memory dump to standard out.

       The memory dumps may be created by calling "gnu.gcj.util.GCInfo.enumerate(String
       namePrefix)" from java code.  A memory dump will be created on an out of memory condition
       if "gnu.gcj.util.GCInfo.setOOMDump(String namePrefix)" is called before the out of memory

       Running this program will create two files: TestDump001 and TestDump001.bytes.

               import gnu.gcj.util.*;
               import java.util.*;

               public class GCDumpTest
                   static public void main(String args[])
                       ArrayList<String> l = new ArrayList<String>(1000);

                       for (int i = 1; i < 1500; i++) {
                           l.add("This is string #" + i);

       The memory dump may then be displayed by running:

               gc-analyze -v TestDump001


       -v  Verbose output.

       -p tool-prefix
           Prefix added to the names of the nm and readelf commands.

       -d directory
           Directory that contains the executable and shared libraries used when the dump was

           Print a help message, then exit.

           Print version information, then exit.



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