Provided by: gdal-bin_1.7.3-6ubuntu3_amd64 bug


       gdaltindex - gdaltindex builds a shapefile as a raster tileindex


       gdaltindex [-tileindex field_name] [-write_absolute_path] [-skip_different_projection] index_file [gdal_file]*


       This program builds a shapefile with a record for each input raster file, an attribute
       containing the filename, and a polygon geometry outlining the raster. This output is
       suitable for use with MapServer as a raster tileindex.

       · The shapefile (index_file) will be created if it doesn't already exist, otherwise it
         will append to the existing file.
       · The default tile index field is 'location'.
       · Raster filenames will be put in the file exactly as they are specified on the
         commandline unless the option -write_absolute_path is used.
       · If -skip_different_projection is specified, only files with same projection ref as files
         already inserted in the tileindex will be inserted.
       · Simple rectangular polygons are generated in the same coordinate system as the rasters.


       gdaltindex doq_index.shp doq/*.tif


       Frank Warmerdam <>