Provided by: radiance_4R0+20110410-1build1_amd64 bug


       genprism - generate a RADIANCE description of a prism


       genprism mat name { - | vfile | N v1 v2 .. vN } [ -l lvect ][ -r radius ][ -c ][ -e ]


       Genprism  produces  a  RADIANCE  scene  description  of a prism, or extruded polygon.  The
       polygon to extrude lies in the z==0 plane, and is given as a list of (x,y)  pairs  on  the
       standard  input (-), or from the file vfile, or on the command line preceded by the number
       of vertices, N.  The order of  the  vertices  and  the  extrusion  vector  lvect  (default
       (0,0,1))  determine the surface orientations.  The surfaces that make up the prism will be
       modified by mat and their identifiers will begin with name.  The -r option may be used  to
       round  the  corners  of  the  object  using spheres and cylinders.  The -c option inhibits
       generation of a face connecting the last vertex to the  first.   The  -e  option  inhibits
       generation of the end polygons.


       To produce a equilateral triangular prism:

         genprism clear_plastic prism 3 0 0 .5 .866 1 0


       Greg Ward


       The  rounding  option  only  works  for opaque prisms with outward facing normals.  If the
       normals face inward, the appearance will be bizarre.


       genrbox(1), genrev(1), gensurf(1), genworm(1), rpict(1), rvu(1), xform(1)