Provided by: germinate_2.8_all bug


     germinate-pkg-diff — compare seeds against currently installed packages


     germinate-pkg-diff [-l file] [-m {i|r|d}] [-a arch] [seeds]


     germinate-pkg-diff compares the expansion of a list of seed packages against the set of
     packages installed on the current system.  When constructing seeds for a software
     distribution, it can be used to iteratively find packages installed on developers' systems
     that should be included in the seeds.

     A list of seeds against which to compare may be supplied as non-option arguments.  Seeds
     from which they inherit will be added automatically.  The default is ‘desktop’.


     -l, --list file
           Read the list of currently installed packages from file.  The default is to read the
           output of dpkg --get-selections, and any supplied file should be in the same format.

     -m, --mode {i|r|d}
           Set the output mode as follows:

           i     Show the dpkg selections needed to install just these seeds.  List unseeded but
                 installed files as “deinstall”, and seeded but uninstalled files as “install”.

           r     List unseeded but installed files as “install”, and seeded but uninstalled files
                 as “deinstall”.

           d     Show the differences between the packages specified by the seeds and the list of
                 installed packages, in a somewhat diff-like format.

     -S, --seed-source source,...
           Fetch seeds from the specified sources.  The default is

     -s, --seed-dist dist
           Fetch seeds for distribution dist.  The default is ubuntu.precise.

     -d, --dist dist,...
           Operate on the specified distributions.  The default is precise.  Listing multiple
           distributions may be useful, for example, when examining both a released distribution
           and its security updates.

     -a, --arch arch
           Operate on architecture arch.  The default is i386.


     --mode r is useless as dpkg --set-selections input.


     Lamont Jones <>
     Colin Watson <>

     germinate-pkg-diff is copyright © 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 Canonical Ltd.  See the GNU
     General Public License version 2 or later for copying conditions.  A copy of the GNU General
     Public License is available in /usr/share/common-licenses/GPL.