Provided by: gfarm-client_2.4.1-1ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gfkey - management of Gfarm session keys


       gfkey [ options ]


       gfkey  manages  the  session  key  file,  $HOME/.gfarm_shared_key,  that  is used for user
       authentication by a shared secret key in a trusted environment  when  connecting  to  gfsd
       and/or gfmd.

       When  the home directory is shared among filesystem nodes, it is not necessary to use this
       command.  If not, it is necessary to distribute a session key  created with the -c  or  -f
       option to every filesystem node, in advance.


       -c     Creates  a  new session key when there is no valid session key.  If a valid session
              key already exists, no operation is performed.

       -f     Forces the creation of a new session key, even  if  a  valid  session  key  already

       -p period
              Specifies  the term of validity in seconds.  This option has to be used with the -c
              or -f option.

       -l     Displays the current key.

       -e     Displays the expiration date of the current key.

       -L message-priority-level
              Specifies a level of the log priority.  The log messages that have  higher  or  the
              same priority than the specified priority are displayed to the standard error.  The
              default priority is info.  Refer to the log_level directive described in the manual
              page  of  gfarm2.conf(5)  for  the  priority  level  which can be specified by this

       -?     Displays a list of command options.


              a file for a session key