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       gif2ps - GIF-to-PostScript conversion.


       gif2ps [-q] [-x] [-y] [-s sx sy] [-p px py] [-i] [-n copies] [-h] gif-file

       If no gif-file is given, Gif2PS will try to read a GIF file from stdin.





               quiet  mode.   Defaults off on MSDOS, on under UNIX.  Controls printout of running
              scan lines.  Use -q- to invert.


               Force image to be  horizontal  (`landscape  mode').   By  default  image  will  be
              positioned  so  it  will be the biggest.  If -x is given image will be scaled to be
              biggest possible horizontally.


               Force vertical (`portrait mode'); analogous to -x.

       [-s sx sy]

               Force image size to be sx by sy inches.  If image will exit  page  dimensions,  it
              will  scream  and  die.  Page dimensions are 8.5 by 11.0 inches but only 7.5 by 9.0
              are assumed to be printable.

       [-p pc py]

               Force image lower left corner to be as px py.  If this would  overrun  the  page's
              dimensions, it will scream and die.


               Image  will  be  inverted (Black -> White and vice versa).  Mapping from colors is
              done by 0.3 * RED  0.59 * GREEN  0.11 * BLUE and sometimes inverting the image will
              look better.

       [-n copies]

               Number of copies to print.  1 by default.


               Print one line of command help, similar to Usage above.


       Gershon Elber

       Man  page  created  by  T.Gridel  <>, originally written by Eric S. Raymond

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