Provided by: giflib-tools_4.1.6-9ubuntu1_amd64 bug


       gifrotat - A program to rotate a GIF image by a specified angle.


       gifrotat -a Angle [-q] [-s Width Height] [-h] gif-file

       If no gif-file is given, GifRotat will try to read a GIF file from stdin.


       Screen (of source image).


       -a Angle

               Specifies the angle to rotate in degrees with respect to the X (horizontal) axis.


               Quiet  mode.   Defaults off on MSDOS, on under UNIX.  Controls printout of running
              scan lines. Use -q- to invert.

       [-s Width Height]

               Since the rotated image will have the same image size as the original, some  parts
              of the image will by clipped out and lost. By specifying a (bigger) size explicitly
              using the `-s' option, these parts may be saved.


               Print one line of command line help, similar to Usage above.


       The image is rotated around its center.  No filtering is performed on  the  output,  which
       have  the same color map as the input.  This is mainly since filtering would require color
       quantization which is very memory/time intensive and out of MSDOS memory limits  even  for
       small images.


       Gershon Elber

       Man  page  created  by  T.Gridel  <>, originally written by Eric S. Raymond

                                           giflib-tools                               gifrotat(1)