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       gnatstub - Generate skeletons for Ada package bodies


       gnatstub [OPTION]... filename [directory]


       gnatstub  is  an Ada library unit body sample generator. It takes a source file containing
       the source of an Ada library unit declaration and generates the sample body for this  unit
       in  another  source  file.  Sample  body is a kind of "minimal", but compilable body for a
       given unit declaration.

       gnatstub is an ASIS application developed on top of the ASIS implementation for GNAT.  The
       important  thing  to know about gnatstub is that to create a body, gnatstub first compiles
       the spec to create in your current directory the tree output  file  (or,  simply,  a  tree
       file).  After  creating a body, gnatstub deletes this tree file (the tree file may be kept
       by setting the corresponding option). Therefore, if you have some other  ASIS-based  tools
       built  on  top  of  ASIS-for-GNAT,  working  on  the  tree  files  located in your current
       directory, be aware of possible changes in the set of tree files  as  a  result  of  using


       -f     Replace an existing body file (if any) with a body sample. If destination directory
              contains a file which should be considered as the body for  filename  according  to
              the  GNAT  file name conventions, gnatstub treats this file as a body for filename,
              and it does not create a sample body if '-f' option is not set;

       -hs    Put in body sample  the  comment  header  from  the  source  of  the  library  unit
              declaration  contained  in filename ("comment header" is all the comments preceding
              the compilation unit).

       -hg    Put in body sample a sample comment header.


       -I-    These options have just the same meaning as in calls to gnatgcc or  gnatmake.  They
              are used to define the source search path in the call to gnatgcc issued by gnatstub
              to create the tree file. Note, that to create a body, gnatstub needs  a  legal  Ada
              unit, therefore if filename depends on some unit located in another directory, '-I'
              should be used to provide the path to this unit.

       -in    (n is a decimal natural number) Sets the indentation level in a body sample  to  n,
              '-i0' means "no indentation", the default indentation is 3;

       -k     Do  not  remove  the  tree  file:  as  default,  gnatstub  removes from the current
              directory the tree file created for filename after creating the body sampler.  '-k'
              prevents deleting the tree file.

       -ln    (n  is  a  decimal positive number) Sets maximum line length in a body sample to n,
              the default line length is 78;

       -q     Quiet mode: gnatstub does not generate a confirmation when a body  is  successfully
              created or a message when a body is not required for an argument unit.

       -t     Overwrite  the  existing  tree  file: if the current directory already contains the
              file which, according to the GNAT file name rules should be considered  as  a  tree
              file  for filename, gnatstub will refuse to create the tree file needed to create a
              body sampler, unless '-t' option is set.

       -v     Verbose mode: gnatstub generates version information.


       gnatstub is free software. It was originally developed by Alexei Kuchumov  as  a  part  of
       collaboration  between  Software  Engineering Laboratory of the Swiss Federal Institute of
       Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, in cooperation with the Scientific Research  Computer
       Center  of  Moscow State University (SRCC MSU), Russia. This work was supported by a grant
       from the Swiss National Science Foundation, no 7SUPJ048247,  funding  a  project  entitled
       "Development of ASIS for GNAT with industry quality".

       Now gnatstub is maintained by Ada Core Technologies, Inc (

       This manual page was written by Ludovic Brenta <> for the Debian


       Copyright (c) 1995-1997, Free Software Foundation, Inc.


       asistant(1), gnat(1), gnatcheck(1), gnatelim(1), gnatmetric(1), gnatpp(1)

       The full documentation for gnatstub in /usr/share/doc/asis-programs/README.gnatstub.

       info asis_ug ASIS-for-GNAT User's Guide

       info asis_rm ASIS-for-GNAT Reference Manual