Provided by: gnunet-tools_0.8.1b-5ubuntu2_i386 bug


       gnunet-setup - configuring GNUnet


       gnunet-setup [OPTIONS] MODE


       gnunet-setup  can  be used to generate and edit the configuration files
       (gnunetd.conf and gnunet.conf) for GNUnet.  gnunet-setup  runs  in  two
       basic   modes,   one  for  editing  gnunet.conf  and  one  for  editing
       gnunetd.conf.   Depending  on  which  libraries  were  available   when
       gnunet-setup  was  build,  gnunet-setup  will have a curses or GTK user
       interface.  A text-only interface is always  available.   For  a  quick
       initial  configuration gnunet-setup offers a wizard (GTK only) that can
       be used to quickly generate a working gnunetd.conf file.

       -h, --help
              print help page

       -c FILENAME, --config=FILENAME
              specify   location   of   the   configuration   file   (default:
              /etc/gnunetd.conf  or  ~/.gnunet/gnunet.conf,  depending  on the

       -d, --daemon
              generate  configuration  for  gnunetd  (gnunetd.conf).   If  run
              without  this option, gnunet-setup will generate a configuration
              for GNUnet clients.

              display the value of the given OPTION from the given SECTION  in
              the configuration file.

              set  the value of the given OPTION from the given SECTION to the
              specified VALUE.  If this  change  implies  other  options  also
              changing, perform those changes as well.

       -v, --version
              print the version number

       NOTES  Before   you  can  use  any  GNUnet  application  you  must  run
              gnunet-setup  to  generate  the   configuration.    First,   run
              gnunet-setup  with the -d option to generate a configuration for
              gnunetd.  Later, each user of the system should run gnunet-setup
              without -d to generate his personal configuration.

       Depending  on  your  system,  gnunet-setup  will  have  a subset of the
       following modes: config (text), menuconfig (curses), gconfig (GTK), and
       wizard-gtk  (GTK  wizard).   The  wizards can currently only be used in
       conjunction with the -d option to configure gnunetd.


              gnunetd configuration file (default location).

              client configuration file (default location).


       Report bugs by using mantis <>  or  by  sending
       electronic mail to <>


       gnunetd(1), gnunet-update(1), gnunetd.conf(5), gnunet.conf(5)