Provided by: libglib2.0-dev_2.32.1-0ubuntu2_amd64 bug


       gtester - test running utility


       gtester [option...] [testprogram]


       gtester is a utility to run unit tests that have been written using the GLib test

       When called with the -o option, gtester writes an XML report of the test results, which
       can be converted into HTML using the gtester-report utility.

       -h, --help
           print help and exit

       -v, --version
           print version information and exit

           make warnings fatal

       -k, --keep-going
           continue running after tests failed

           list paths of available test cases

           run test cases in MODE, which can be one of: <term>perf</term><listitem>run
           performance tests </listitem><term>slow, thorough</term><listitem>run slow tests, or
           repeat non-deterministic tests more often </listitem><term>quick</term><listitem>do
           not run slow or performance tests, or do extra repeats of non-deterministic tests
           (default) </listitem><term>undefined</term><listitem>run test cases that deliberately
           provoke checks or assertion failures, if implemented (default)
           </listitem><term>no-undefined</term><listitem>do not run test cases that deliberately
           provoke checks or assertion failures </listitem>.sp

           only run test cases matching TESTPATH

           skip test cases matching TESTPATH

           run all test cases with random number seed SEEDSTRING

           write the test log to LOGFILE

       -q, --quiet
           suppress per test binary output

           report success per testcase