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       hcal - Hebrew date

       example programs for libhdate, a library that help use hebrew dates.

       LibHdate  is  a  small  C,C++  library  for  Hebrew  dates, holidays, and reading sequence
       (parasha). It is using the source code  from  Amos  Shapir's  "hdate"  package  fixed  and
       patched by Nadav Har'El. The Torah reading sequence is from tables by Zvi Har'El.


       hcal [-hdi]

       [ [ month ] year ]


       Hcal  prints  a calendar with both common and Hebrew dates for the specified month, or the
       whole year if no month is specified.  If no arguments are given,  it  prints  the  current
       month.  Major holidays are marked by a `*', other holidays by a `+', fast days by a `-'.

       If  the  year  is  greater  than  3000,  hcal  takes  the given date as a Hebrew date, and
       translates it back to the common calendar.  Months are numbered with Tishrey being  1  and
       Elul 12; Adar I and Adar II are months 13 and 14.

       -h : Print output in html format.

       -d : Use diaspora reading and holidays.

       -i : Use external css file "./hcal.css".


       date(1), cal(1), hdate(1), hebcal(1), remind(1), hdate.h(3), hdate_struct(3)


       Yaacov Zamir 2005, text copied from Amos Shapir's hdate man file.