Provided by: isight-firmware-tools_1.6-1_amd64 bug


Built-in iSight firmware extractor and patcher

       ift-extract extract the Built-in iSight firmware from Apple driver and patch it to avoid
       some bugs in it. The firmware is then ready to get loaded into the chip using ift-load.

       * Menu:

       Finding the Apple driver: see "Driver"

       Command line options: see "Options"

       See also "Copying"

   1 Finding the Apple driver
       ift-extract extract Built-in iSight firmware from Apple iSight driver.  This driver is
       located at
       on your Mac OS X root partition.

       There is several version of this driver depending on driver version or host architecture
       (PowerPC or x86). Thus, ift-extract must determine know the variant of the driver in order
       to properly extract the firmware.

       Any AppleUSBVideoSupport file starting with those shipped with iMac G5 iSight must work.
       If not, please report unknown AppleUSBVideoSupport at bugreport mail address with machine
       type and OS X version.

   2 Command line options
       `-a' `--apple-driver' Apple driver filename where to extract the firmware.

       `-d' `--output-directory' The directory where to output the firmware. Defaults to

       `-f' `--output-filename' The output firmware name. Defaults to isight.fw

       `-?'  `--help' Shows option help and quit.

       Since ift-extract defaults to output the firmware to /lib/firmware/isight.fw, ensure you
       have the right to do so.

   3 Copying
       isight-firmware-tools is a project developped by A~Xtienne Bersac based on the work of
       Ronald S. Bultje, Johannes Berg and Ivan N. Zlatev.

       This manual has been written by A~Xtienne Bersac.

       Copyright (C) 2007 A~Xtienne Bersac <>