Provided by: iwatch_0.2.2-1_all bug


       iwatch  -  a  realtime  filesystem  monitor  /  monitor  any  changes in directories/files


       iwatch [options]


       This manual page documents briefly the iwatch command.  iWatch is  a  realtime  filesystem
       monitoring   program.   It's   a  simple  perl  script  to  monitor  changes  in  specific
       directories/files and send email notification immediately. It reads the dir/file list from
       xml config file and needs inotify support in kernel (Linux Kernel >= 2.6.13).


       Usage for daemon mode of iWatch:

       iwatch [-d] [-f <config file>] [-v] [-p <pid file>]

       In the daemon mode iWatch has the following options:

       -d     Execute  the  application  as  daemon.  iWatch  will  run in foregroud without this

       -f <configfile.xml>
              Specify alternative configuration file. Default is /etc/iwatch/iwatch.xml.

       -p <pidfile>
              Specify an alternate pid file (default: /var/run/

       -v     Be verbose.

       Usage for command line mode of iWatch:

       iwatch [-c command] [-e event[,event[,..]]] [-h|--help]  [-m  <email  address>]  [-r]  [-s
       <on|off>]  [-t  <filter  string>]  [-v]  [--version]  [-x  exception] [-X <regex string as
       exception>] <target>

       In the command line mode iWatch has the following options:

       -c <command>
              You can specify a command to be executed if an event occurs. For details about  the
              string format take a look at /usr/share/doc/iwatch/README.gz.

       -C <charset>
              Specify the charset (default is utf-8).

       -e <event[,event[,..]]>
              Events    list.    For   details   about   possible   events   take   a   look   at

       -h, --help
              Print help message.

       -m <emailaddress>
              Contact point's email address. Without this option, iwatch will not send any  email
              notification (obviously).

       -r     Recursivity of the watched directory.

       -s on|off
              Enable or disable reports to the syslog (default is off/disabled).

       -t <filter>
              Filter string (regex) to compare with the filename or directory name.

       -x <exception file or directory>
              Specify the file or directory which should not be watched.

       -X <regex string as exception>
              Specify a regex string as exception.


       % iwatch /tmp
              Monitor changes in /tmp directory with default events.

       % iwatch -r -e access,create -m root@localhost -x /etc/mail /etc
              Monitor  only access and create events in /etc directory recursively with /etc/mail
              as exception and send email notification to cahya@localhost.

       % iwatch -r -c (w;ps -ef)|mail -s '%f was changed' root@localhost /bin
              Monitor /bin directory recursively and execute the command.

       % iwatch -r -X '.svn' ~/projects
              Monitor ~/projects directory recursively, but exclude any .svn directories  inside.
              This  can't  be  done  with  a  normal  '-x' option since '-x' can only exclude the
              defined path.


       iwatch was written by Cahya Wirawan <>.

       This manual page was written by Michael Prokop <> for  the  Debian  project
       (but may be used by others).