Provided by: javahelper_0.40ubuntu1_all bug


       Javahelper  -  Part  of  the  Java  Helper  packaging  tools  Refer  to  the  tutorials in
       /usr/share/doc/javahelper for more detail


       jh_build [options] [<jar> <src>]


       -h --help: show this text

       -V --version: show the version

       -m<class> --main=<class>: Use this class as the main class

       -j<java-home> --java-home=<java-home>: Set the JAVA_HOME variable

       -o<javac-opts> --javacopts=<javac-opts>: Options to the Java compiler

       -J --javadoc: Build javadoc

       -N --no-javadoc: Don't build javadoc

       --javadoc-opts=<javadocc-opts>: Options to the Javadoc compiler

       --clean: clean the build tree

   Environment Variables:
              JAVA_HOME: path to the JDK to use CLASSPATH: classpath to compile with and  set  in
              the manifest JH_JAR_EXTRA: extra files to be included in the jar